A Trend Reversal in Interest Rates?

July 6, 2017

Across the globe, bond prices are declining. From Australia to Europe to the USA, prices are sitting and/or rolling over towards 52-week lows. 

Could this be the beginning of a major reversal in interest rates? Who knows, but investors have to prepare just in case. 

Investors who have profited and gotten used to the 30-year bull market, especially in the U.S., might be less inclined to adapt. They think a bull market in Treasuries and other government bonds is the norm, so they don't bother closing their long positions. 

Trend Followers know better. They respect the market. They know that old regimes and long-standing trends can break down at any time without mercy. They don't bother feeling nostalgic. Instead, they adapt as soon as possible within the rules of their own strategies.

On this episode, I walk through the charts of some of the major government bond markets and comment on their current trends and some possibilities for the future.


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