Warren Buffet’s Worst Loss Came During the Dot-Com Bubble

August 18, 2017

Buffett suffered a 49% loss from Jun 1998 to Mar 2000. At the same time, the NASDAQ rose 140% and SP500 rose 28%. Despite heavy losses and public ridicule, Buffett stuck to his guns and wouldn’t touch internet stocks. Buffett’s ability to stay disciplined might be more admirable than his analytical skill.

At the time, I’m sure people were wondering if Buffett had lost his golden touch or if he would ever outperform the market again. A near 50% loss for a stocks investor during the biggest bull market in history doesn’t inspire confidence. But he had the last laugh after the bubble burst, gaining 80% over the next two years while the NASDAQ lost 72% and SP500 lost 28%.



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